Get Timber Buildings that Meet All Regulations

Considering your client’s wooden garage project, are you confident it complies with all regulatory standards? Navigating permits and building regulations can be complex, risky, and potentially unlawful if mishandled. There is a good chance that your client’s design won’t need planning permission, but when in doubt, it’s always best to check. 

Our team has the expert advice and information you need to make the right decision for your work project, meaning you can apply for permission more easily when the time comes. Find links to our professional guides below, try out our custom builder to see if your client’s design meets all permits already, or get in touch with us to speak to a team member.

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Working Through Permits for Wooden Garages

Working through permits and regulations for timber buildings can be difficult, especially if you haven’t had experience with it before. These regulations encompass a wide range of factors, including design specifications, materials used, and even the placement of structures. It’s a series of complexities that can easily lead to delays and frustrations, for both you and your client.

By partnering with us and ordering an oak-framed garage kit, you gain the help of an entire team that understands your needs and can offer tailored services to overcome potential delays.

Our Planning Permission Guide for Professionals

We have a comprehensive planning permission guide available right here on our website. This resource provides you with in-depth insights into everything you need to know about securing permission for top-quality wooden garages. By reading ahead before you begin your project, you can even start discussing planning permission possibilities with your client – possibly preventing problems from occurring in the future.

Learn more about the best time to initiate the planning procedure, uncover information on pricing, and even find out what to do if your application is rejected the first time around.

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

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Building Regulations Explained

In most cases, freestanding timber buildings are not affected by building regulations. However, there are stipulations to this that we recommend getting familiar with, as each project is unique. Many clients will be looking for large, versatile solutions outside their main properties that they can turn into spaces for both comfort and productivity. 

With our dedicated guide, find out more about what building regulations are and how they might apply to your project.

Building Regulations and Wooden Garages

Typically, building regulations won’t apply at all to a wooden garage design if:

  • The floor area of the building is less than 15 square metres
  • The building does not contain sleeping accommodation

If your client’s design is between 15 and 30 square metres, you won’t normally need to apply for building regulations approval, as long as:

  • The building does not contain sleeping accommodation and is either;
    • At least one metre away from any property boundary
    • Is constructed entirely or substantially from non-combustible materials

If the design is attached to your client’s home, building regulations approval will normally be required – regardless of size. If you need to get approval for a design to be built, the structure must also be built to reasonable standards.

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2 framed oak bay garage no doors

Everything You Need to Know About Permitted Development

Your chosen wooden garage design may be deemed a permitted development. This is the case for most small designs, but we’d still recommend checking in with the Local Planning Authority in your client’s area before moving ahead. This is because there may be further limitations that only apply to localised areas. 

Again, this is subject to a list of conditions the garage will need to meet when it’s installed. In our guide below, you can find a detailed list of the conditions a permitted garage must meet.

Our Valuable Recommendations

We would always recommend collaborating with a specialist Planning Consultant before proceeding with your planning permission application. Our team can direct you to those we have worked with for over a decade, and whose skill and expertise have led to many customers being allowed to build our timber garage kits.

With a combined background of more than 30 years in architectural practices, both the owner and Associate of this Chartered Professional practice possess full qualifications in planning matters and building design. Their knowledge encompasses an in-depth understanding of our timber garage products, as well as the materials and construction techniques employed in their creation.

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Specialist In-House Planning Drawings

We’ve got the practical solution to jumpstart the planning application process: providing precise planning drawings, created in-house by our specialist team. These are pivotal for your submission to your Local Planning Authority. They serve to clarify the intentions or property layout and assist the authority in understanding and greenlighting the proposal.

The service is affordable, and if you order the frames you need from us we’ll deduct the fee from the frame price.


We supply a wide range of garage styles all across the UK.

Simplify Planning Your Wood Garage Project

Our team of experts is ready to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations, tailored to ensure that your project adheres to any potential planning restrictions. If you need to start building a wooden garage for your client as soon as possible, The Garage Specialist can help. We’ll also be there every step of the way to ensure it’s done correctly.

From our advice to our high-quality, easy-assembly wooden garage kits, everything we do is designed to make the process seamless. Reach out to us to find out how, and get professional assistance from planning to construction.