Premium Quality Bespoke Wooden Garage Kits

We understand that quality makes all the difference when you’re choosing the right feature for your home. It’s why we keep it at the heart of everything we do when designing and manufacturing bespoke wooden garages for our customers. 

Our materials and processes help us to set the standard for timber garage kits across the whole of the UK. Explore your design options through our custom builder or contact us directly to get started with your design.

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High-Quality Materials for Durability

We’re fully committed to producing timber buildings with full, rigid structural integrity. This is underpinned by our use of robust materials that will naturally stand the test of time. We hand-source sustainable green oak and Douglas-fir timber from professionally managed forests, choosing individual pieces for their exceptional strength and durability. 

To guarantee the quality of our materials, we maintain an in-house team of fully qualified craftsmen and timber graders who inspect the wood for its suitability. This comprehensive process ensures that only the finest timber is incorporated into our garage designs. We also offer robust metal locks for garage doors, and insulation options are available upon request.

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Careful Precision Craftsmanship

Our master craftsmen use a standardised, methodical approach, utilising advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to craft each wooden garage. At the heart of this process is our Hundegger CNC K2i machine, which guarantees precision accuracy and rules out human error in frame cutting. Following this precision machining, all frames undergo hand-finishing by experienced professionals.

By adhering strictly to this process, we ensure that every garage we produce meets our quality standards. These standards, covering 22 separate points, mirror those set out by BM TRADA – one of the UK’s most respected certification panels. As a result, you can trust that your garage will be a durable and reliable structure that consistently exceeds your expectations.

Typically, the lead time for a custom garage ranges from 6 to 8 weeks once the project has been approved. As such, you’ll receive your kit within a reasonable and predictable timeframe.

A Straightforward Installation

We take pride in delivering wooden garages that not only boast exceptional quality but are also designed for easy, straightforward installation. Our standardised processes and precision-accurate craftsmanship ensure that each component fits seamlessly, reducing installation time and effort. 

Homeowners with some DIY experience can trust that their investment will result in a high-quality, durable structure that’s hassle-free. This is made even easier with the inclusion of an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

Quality and Aesthetics

Quality and aesthetic appeal go hand-in-hand. Our commitment to using premium-grade materials and precision-accurate craftsmanship not only ensures the structural integrity and durability of our wooden garages but also enhances their visual appeal. Green oak and Douglas-fir timber are both renowned for their natural beauty, providing the foundation for aesthetically pleasing structures.

This beauty won’t fade over time, either, as the wood should only darken as it ages and not warp or become misshapen.

Long-Term Value and Easy Maintenance

Deciding on one of our wooden garages isn’t just a practical choice, it’s also a long-lasting investment. Our craftsmanship and materials mean that our garages will only require minimal maintenance over the years, translating into substantial cost savings. 

Beyond this, a well-maintained wood garage contributes significantly to the overall aesthetics and value of your property. It becomes an enduring asset that provides secure storage and also adds to the visual appeal of your home.

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We supply a wide range of garage styles all across the UK.

Enhance Your Vehicle Storage Today

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Contact us now for a personalised quote and start experiencing the unmatched quality and craftsmanship that come with our wooden garages. Your property deserves the best, and we’re here to deliver it as soon as you’re ready.