Getting Planning Permission for Your Garage

We understand the common concerns that homeowners face when it comes to obtaining planning permission for wooden garage projects. Navigating the complexities of regulations and permissions can be a daunting task. But we are here to help.

There is a possibility that your wooden garage design will not require planning permission. However, if you have a large design that does need permission beforehand, our team can offer help and expertise so you can apply easily.

See our Planning Permission Guide for more information on how we’ll help, try our custom builder to see if your design needs permission, or contact us for help with any questions or concerns.

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Our Guide to Planning Permission

We’ve got an all-inclusive guide to planning permission available, put together by our specialists. It offers you all you need to know on topics related to obtaining permission for a high-quality wooden garage. 

Wondering about the optimal time to start the planning process? Or perhaps you’re thinking of delving into permitted development nuances? Maybe you’re seeking insights into pricing considerations. In any and all cases, you’ll find all your questions answered right here.

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Assisting With Planning Drawings

We have the practical service you need when attempting to get your planning application off the ground. Our in-house team of experts is dedicated to crafting precise and comprehensive planning drawings that serve as the backbone of your garage project. 

These are the drawings you will need to present to your local planning authority. This presentation is how the authority will understand and approve the proposal. These drawings are the key to simplifying the planning phase and making it clear what you want to do.

With our help and assistance, you could soon have a clear blueprint that aligns perfectly with regulatory requirements, smoothing the path to obtaining planning permission.

The Value of Planning Drawings

Expertly crafted planning drawings are your blueprint for a seamless path through the complexities of planning permission. These precision-engineered designs are the key to ensuring your garage project complies effortlessly with all necessary regulations and requirements.

By investing in these detailed plans, you significantly enhance your chances of a swift and frustration-free approval process. You won’t have to worry about dealing with the red tape; our planning drawings pave the way for you to build your ideal garage design without any delays or complications.

As soon as permission is in place, all you will need to do is build the garage kit we have made to your specifications. This can be delivered anywhere in the mainland UK.

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Our Approved Planning Consultant

We’d always recommend working with a specialist Planning Consultant before submitting your application for planning permission. Luckily, we can also recommend one to you. We’ve worked with the Planning Consultant we’ll approve for you to use for over ten years. Their services have assisted our customers in the construction of numerous timber buildings across the country.

With over 30 years of experience in architectural practices between them, both the owner and Associate of this Chartered Professional practice are fully qualified in planning matters and building design. They have extensive knowledge of our timber garage products, as well as the materials and techniques utilised in their manufacture.

Altogether, this makes them the best team possible to provide comprehensive planning advice for your project.

Building Bespoke Designs of All Sizes

We understand the hurdles homeowners encounter when dealing with planning permission, while also striving to achieve the size of garage that they want. This is exactly why we offer customers the opportunity to create and modify their own designs. 

During your planning stage, you will have the chance to create a wood garage that offers the space you need while aligning with planning permission requisites. 

With help from our team on your planning drawings and some expert advice from our recommended Planning Consultant, you can be confident your garage project remains compliant at all times.

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We supply a wide range of garage styles all across the UK.

Take the Next Step in Your Garage Project

You can simplify the process and kickstart the next stage of your garage project by getting in touch with The Garage Specialist. Reach out to our expert team for the guidance you need and support in navigating the intricacies of planning permission.

Rest assured, we’re committed to assisting you every step of the way, ensuring a swift outcome and the secure, practical design you want. This will come with the flexibility you need – and without all the hassle.

Don’t be put off from getting the garage you want and need for your property, tailored exactly to your specifications. Contact us today, and let’s work together to make your wooden garage ideas into a reality.