Wooden Garage Kits Tailored to Overcome Every Challenge

Property development is a multifaceted challenge, and you may be grappling with anything from budget constraints to demands for customisation. We’ll work with you to design and make the wooden garage kit that overcomes it all. We can also offer advice, assistance, and recommendations that help you push past planning restrictions and onto the next project stage.

For a professional partner with years of experience in crafting high-quality timber buildings of all kinds, contact The Garage Specialist. Experience our expertise online or over the phone by discussing your specifications with us. Alternatively, you can start without our assistance by using our free online builder.

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

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Streamlining Site Coordination

Balancing all elements of site coordination can significantly impact project timelines and budgets. Materials, labour, and even something as simple as access can all play a part in slowing down the process and taking up resources. That’s why we offer a range of solutions for making your site coordination as easy as possible. 

From bespoke timber garage kits that match your dimension requirements to fast delivery services that ensure your product is dropped at the most convenient location for you, our work is designed to make site coordination easy.

Our Planning Assistance

Most wooden garages generally won’t require planning permission, but we can always step in and assist whenever a larger or more complex design is required. Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for this kind of project success and we can help to make it simple and straightforward.

Our in-house team is ready to prepare planning drawings tailored to your project, allowing you to get it off the ground and in the consideration of your local planning authority. 

Additionally, we can recommend an experienced Planning Consultant to guide you through the complexities of the process. You’ll be well-equipped to move forward by working with us; find out more here or see our Planning Permission Guide for more information.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Every aspect of a project must align with financial considerations. We understand this and make it our aim to offer budget-friendly solutions with all of our wooden garages. We design each structure to be as cost-effective for the purchaser as possible – without ever compromising on the quality of the build. 

With our help, you’ll provide your future buyers or tenants with outstanding results while staying within budget. Your project’s financial goals have never been more within reach.

Bespoke to Specifications

No two projects are the same, and we offer tailored solutions which ensure your wood garage aligns with your unique requirements. All of our products are highly customisable, allowing you to achieve the stylish and versatile build you need for your project. We’ll also work closely with you throughout the process, giving you time to change design elements if needed.

Whether you’re looking for something small and convenient for simple vehicle storage or want something larger for extra working or living space, we can work on it with you. All you have to do is let us know that this is what you want.

Fast and Easy Assembly

It’s important to stay on track, keeping your timelines intact and not risking your profitability. Our wooden garage kits have frames designed and cut for a seamless assembly, saving you valuable time on-site. With quality materials that ensure durability and longevity, you can trust that your project will proceed smoothly without unexpected delays.

We also understand that you might not have built one of our kits before, which is why each one comes with its own easy-follow instruction manual. Beyond this, we’ll be glad to provide support online or over the phone if you have any questions following the delivery of your garage frames.

Adding Long-Term Value

Creating long-term value is essential for project success, and our durable materials play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. We prioritise the use of pressure-treated premium-grade materials that have been professionally graded to ensure full structural integrity, longevity, and weather resistance. 

These materials are then precision-crafted to produce wooden garages designed to last for as long as you need them. Between the materials’ beauty, the stunning design of our buildings, and the longevity afforded by a mix of natural materials and our own expertise, you’ll be adding a valuable long-term investment to your property.

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The wood we use in our work is all sourced from a specially designated site in France, where the trees are cultivated to be as tall, straight, and strong as possible so that more of the timber can be used in manufacturing kits. This minimises waste, and three saplings will be planted in place of every tree used to keep the work sustainable.
When the wood arrives at our site, it will first be checked over and inspected by our team of master carpenters and timber graders. They’ll look for flaws or faults that could affect the structural integrity of a kit, so only the strongest Douglas-fir and green oak timber is ever used in our frames.
Our team of professional carpenters and timber graders will inspect the wood as soon as it arrives at our site. They’ll look for flaws or faults that could affect the structural integrity of a kit, so that only the strongest pieces are used in our work. If any pieces are found that we can’t use, we’ll ensure they are responsibly recycled instead.
We use the most effective and efficient machinery to manufacture our bespoke wooden garages. This equipment rules out human error at every stage by scanning for cracks and weaknesses the human eye might miss, and by offering precision accuracy when cutting frames. As a result, you’ll be guaranteed a perfectly made kit every time, no matter what you need in your bespoke design.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Transform and Enhance Your Property

Take the first step towards a new and improved space for buyers or tenants by getting in touch with The Garage Specialist. We’ll be waiting to discuss your project’s specific needs, and our experts can provide guidance on anything you’re not yet sure you need. From purchase to construction, we’ll be your project partner.

Don’t delay your own project by hesitating. Let’s work together to create exceptional property developments that stand out in quality and value.