Tailored Wooden Garage Kits for Secure Multi-Vehicle Storage

We understand your need for ample and secure storage space, especially if you have more than one vehicle you’re looking to keep in its best condition. That’s why we’re here to offer a solution designed with you and your car collection in mind. 

We’re here to offer bespoke wooden garage kits that meet all requirements – including space specifications for prized vehicles. We’ll help you design the garage that best suits your collection, so contact us right away or explore possibilities using our online builder.

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

Tailored to Your Car Collection

When it comes to storing your vehicles, we understand that space can be a significant concern. This is especially true if you have multiple cars, each with their own specific needs and requirements. These cars, whether they’re antiques or the latest sporty models, each need their own secure and comfortable allocated space.

A wood garage kit from us can easily provide you with the structure you need to protect your cars, as well as any tools or workshop equipment you decide on after. They’re designed and manufactured with your needs in mind and provide customised solutions that offer enough room to accommodate it all.

Our Practical Multi-Bay Designs

Our multi-bay garages and large complexes are the ideal solution when you need a high-quality timber garage that combines luxury and functionality. We also offer flexibility in design, allowing you to customise your garage to perfectly fit your collection’s unique requirements. This allows you to create something extremely versatile – you can have as much room as you need to house your cars, and still have space left over for anything from a home office to a games room.

Working closely with our design team, you can create a garage that provides ample space and offers you all the room you need for all the ideas you have in mind.

Customise to Your Needs

Our collaborative design process allows us to work closely with you to create a garage that perfectly fits your vision. Once the structure is in place, you’ll then have the freedom to customise it further, according to your needs and preferences. 

Have you always wanted to have your workshop for maintenance and detailing, alongside your storage space? Or perhaps you simply want to showcase your cars in the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient way, creating a space that’s as much an art gallery as a garage? In any case, our structures will allow you to make it a reality.

Secure Storage for Your Investments

Security is at the forefront of all of our designs, and the measures you can take to protect your collection when designing a bespoke garage through us are diverse. From robust garage doors to heavy-duty, advanced ironmongery and locking systems, you’ll have every opportunity to choose features that help to keep every part of your property secure. They’ll also help as a safety feature if you or family members have young children who may otherwise accidentally wander in where they shouldn’t.

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Preserving Your Automobiles

Proper storage is the key to ensuring that your automotive investments maintain their condition and value. Our wooden garages, built to be as large as you need, help to secure all of your collection against the elements. With a closed design that makes use of insulation materials in its walls, your cars should already be protected from UV rays, dust, debris, and moisture damage. By customising further once the frames and roof covering are installed, you can also ensure features such as temperature control systems are included.


The wood we use in our work is all sourced from a specially designated site in France, where the trees are cultivated to be as tall, straight, and strong as possible so that more of the timber can be used in manufacturing kits. This minimises waste, and three saplings will be planted in place of every tree used to keep the work sustainable.
When the wood arrives at our site, it will first be checked over and inspected by our team of master carpenters and timber graders. They’ll look for flaws or faults that could affect the structural integrity of a kit, so only the strongest Douglas-fir and green oak timber is ever used in our frames.
Our team of professional carpenters and timber graders will inspect the wood as soon as it arrives at our site. They’ll look for flaws or faults that could affect the structural integrity of a kit, so that only the strongest pieces are used in our work. If any pieces are found that we can’t use, we’ll ensure they are responsibly recycled instead.
We use the most effective and efficient machinery to manufacture our bespoke wooden garages. This equipment rules out human error at every stage by scanning for cracks and weaknesses the human eye might miss, and by offering precision accuracy when cutting frames. As a result, you’ll be guaranteed a perfectly made kit every time, no matter what you need in your bespoke design.


We supply a wide range of garage styles all across the UK.

Order Your Ideal Space Solution

The perfect precision-crafted space for your entire car collection is just a conversation away. Contact The Garage Specialist to discuss your unique needs and aspirations for your property, and get back a quote that matches the design you want. Our team of experts will be at your service, ready to guide you through the design and construction process.

You can also start the process by testing out your designs through our free online builder. Get in touch and let’s begin crafting the best possible space for your collection.