While many in the oak frame industry give generic estimates based on building size, true costs can only emerge after detailed structural calculations for your unique project. Surprise cost additions due to necessary timber upgrades are all too common.

Some framers exclude structural calculations from their quotes, relying instead on standard figures that may not align with your site’s specific requirements. Consequently, they could surprise you with extra charges for accurate calculations later on.

With The Garage Specialist, you get a different experience. Our quotes provide structural calculations tailored for your individual garage building. As we adjust the frame to accommodate increased depth, width, span, and pitch, we also ensure all necessary structural enhancements are included. The price we quote is the price you pay – no hidden fees, no surprises.

Our expertise underscores the importance of precise calculations for each garage we build. This precision helps avoid issues with under-specification, wrong beam size, or insufficient bracing. Rest assured, we take site orientation and elevation considerations into account for a structurally sound, reliable build.

By choosing The Garage Specialist, you’re guaranteed quotes that are thorough, precise, and inclusive of all necessary structural calculations. We prioritise complete transparency and provide a clear breakdown of project costs right from the start. Your trust is our commitment.