Moving forward with building your ideal oak garage is an exciting step, but the road to planning permission can be a confusing one. At The Garage Specialist, we understand the challenges this phase can bring. While we don’t handle planning permission directly, our professionally crafted planning drawings provide a solution that simplifies the process.

 These drawings act as your project’s roadmap, offering clarity and precision and bringing the work closer to being approved. With us, you’ll have the tools you need to navigate planning permission with confidence. You’ll also find all the information an expert can provide on how the process works. Take a look at what we can do or get in touch to get started right away.

Your Guide to Planning Permission

Fortunately, planning permission won’t actually be required for most traditional oak-framed garage designs. Freestanding builds are usually considered a type of outbuilding across the UK. As a result, they fall under the terms of permitted development. There are some stipulations to this, some of which we’ve listed below:

Intended garages cannot be used as living spaces.
Floor areas for planned garages should be less than 15 m² when freestanding or detached.
When attached, garages should be constructed entirely of non-flammable materials.
Floor areas for planned garages should be less than 30 m² when attached.
When attached, garages should be placed at least 1 meter away from property boundaries, such as fences or walls.

We would always recommend speaking to your local planning authority before beginning any work. There are many local rules and regulations across the UK that don’t apply everywhere. Contact your local council to find out more about the rules you need to know where you live.

You can also take a look at our post on planning permission, which contains expert information likely to apply for larger builds.

Planning Permission Drawing Assistance

Planning drawings play a pivotal role in your garage project, serving as its detailed blueprint. While we may not directly handle planning permission for oak buildings, this valuable support service helps you streamline the process. Our specialist in-house team will create high-quality planning drawings on your behalf, offering you a swift and efficient way of demonstrating how your new garage would fit into the area around your property.

This also breaks down intricate details and ensures alignment with regulations. If you have a larger build in mind (for example, a three-bay oak framed garage with a room above), this is the service you will need. Contact us to start discussing your specifications and we’ll begin work on your design as soon as possible.

timber garage kit

Fitting Oak Framed Garages for Your Property

You want your garage to be a reflection of the vision you’ve got for your property. Our commitment to providing bespoke oak frame garage kits means you’ll always receive this, whether or not your project ends up requiring planning permission. 

Looking for a reliable and spacious double garage for two family cars? Or perhaps you need a versatile, multicomplex oak framed building for work, hobbies, and more? With our expertise and exceptional craftsmanship, what you ask for is what you will get. 

You can design a distinctive, easy-to-assemble kit made from robust, sustainable materials using our builder. The design you’re happy with at the end will become the kit we make, crafted for durability and tailored to your needs. All are made using our quality-assured process.

Why is Planning Permission Important?

Our planning drawings eliminate guesswork and uncertainty. By clearly outlining your project’s specifications, we simplify the communication between you, us, and all relevant authorities. With drawings in hand, you’ll be able to navigate the process seamlessly. As a result, the authorities will be better able to understand and assess your project. 

Ensuring your local planning office knows what you intend to do with your space bolsters your chances of obtaining planning permission approval faster. In turn, this means you can carry on with the project more quickly and have the hardwearing and stylish oak garage you want faster.

Plan an Oak Garage Without the Hassle

Designing and building a premium-quality oak garage, with or without the need for planning permission, doesn’t get easier. With The Garage Specialist’s Q-Mark equivalent manufacturing process, you’ll receive a timeless garage design, built for security, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance while also offering all the practical benefits you need. 

Take the first step towards realising your garage goal by ordering the design you want here. If you have any questions about what we can offer, you can also reach out to us. Our experienced team is ready and waiting to help every step of the way.