When considering a large project and investment for your property, like buying an oak garage, pricing transparency is key. Our service is designed to ensure you’re quoted the exact price for any and all oak framed garages you want to buy. No matter the size or style of your new, precision-engineered oak framed building, you’ll know how much you are paying right away. 

This means no hidden fees or extra surprises. You can trust in the exceptional value and reliability that come with choosing The Garage Specialist for your oak building project. Contact us now or find out more about our high-quality products and how they remain reliable and add value for money.

Our Professional and Personalised Pricing

Understanding the costs involved in creating an oak framed garage kit is vital to the decision-making process. We know how important it is to be upfront with our customers when they decide on large purchases. That’s why we will work with you to carefully go over the expenses involved in your project. 

Every garage price is calculated on an individual basis. These prices are based on the size, design, and specific features used in the construction of the garage itself.

All you need to do to receive an estimate for your ideal design is get in touch and tell us your specifications. To find out what’s included in our quotes, you can also see our quote guarantee. This gives you an overview of everything that you will be paying for with one of our garage designs.

large 2 bay wooden oak garage with a gravel driveway in the foreground

The Disadvantages of Standard Pricing

Having standard pricing across all products may seem like the most straightforward idea at first, but it can be inflexible and impersonal. This is especially true when crafting bespoke oak garages. Off-the-shelf pricing models might not account for your specific needs, potentially resulting in unforeseen expenses down the road. It might also result in you paying more upfront for features you don’t want.

We recognise you have distinct needs and specifications for your oak garage. That’s why we offer a tailored approach, crafting a solution as unique to your tastes as your property. Your project deserves careful attention to detail, not a one-size-fits-all price tag.


A Quality-Assured Investment

While the immediate cost is significant, building a traditional oak framed garage is also an investment. It’s a lasting asset that will benefit you and enhance your property for years to come. 

Our products are specifically designed and crafted to blend with your property and stay stylish, remain versatile to cater to your needs and stay hard-wearing with materials chosen for durability. Because they’re robust and low-maintenance, you won’t have to worry about spending much more on keeping them in their best condition. A simple and efficient cleaning will suffice.

Altogether, these ensure that your chosen garage design offers value to you, your family, and your property for a long time to come. Properties with oak buildings often have increased selling prices, too, which is something to consider if you ever think of moving.

Custom Garage Designs for Your Budget

The greatest advantage to opting for a custom oak garage design is that you can ensure it’s affordable for you, while also keeping it distinctive and as spacious as you need. You’ll get the opportunity to create an easy-to-assemble garage kit from premium materials in a timeless, weather-resistant design, while carefully selecting features to keep the price in check. 

Our service can help you find innovative ways to maximise value without compromising on quality. Our design builders allow you the chance to decide between different design options, offering insights into where adjustments can be made to match your budget without sacrificing the integrity of the structure.

Buy Oak Frame Garage Kits to Suit Your Budget

Let’s discuss your unique needs and budget to create a custom garage design that aligns with your goals. You’ll receive a British-made kit that’s built for security, durability, and versatility, made from sustainable materials and perfected through top craftsmanship.

Get in touch with us to start the process of preparing a quote. Our team will be glad to help you choose the features you want for your oak garage and can offer an estimated price to be confirmed when you place your order.