Build Your Wooden Double Garage Today

At The Garage Specialist, we make bespoke wooden double garage kits built to suit the needs of our customers. Our high quality double garages come in a choice of green oak or Douglas-fir timber, and can be assembled by you on your own time, saving money on labour.

We bring over 30 years of experience to each garage kit we produce, with our expert team of carpenters hand crafting each piece to exacting Q-Mark standards. Our garages are a beautiful addition to any property, designed and built to fit your specifications.

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We have created a bespoke virtual builder to help your design your dream garage.


Our Wooden Double Garage Kits

Our wooden double garages are built around the needs of our customers. If you need a larger width for your specialist cars, or if you would like an open front or garage doors, we can build your design around this. We can build you a wooden double carport kit designed around the specifications of your property.

Our double garage kits are a cost effective way to store your cars and bikes, giving you a sturdy, handsome garage that you can assemble and install yourself. Talk to one of our team today to learn more about our range of wooden double garage kits, our easy installation process, and our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Easy to Assemble Double Garage Kits

The wooden frames of our garage kits are specially prepared for easy assembly. We use traditional jointing techniques, with tongue and groove design allowing for our green oak or Douglas-fir beams to effortlessly slot together. With basic DIY experience our double wooden garage kits will be a suitable project to complete yourself. Our kits are designed to be assembled quickly, whilst being extremely durable.

All of our kits come with detailed instructions, walking you step by step through assembly. If required, we can also provide detailed planning drawings for your garage.

Why Choose The Garage Specialist?

  • Sustainable Timber: Our double wooden garages are made from green oak or Douglas-fir timber, from a carefully selected site in France. The trees we use are cultivated to be tall and strong, ensuring as much wood as possible can be used in the production process. For every tree used in our products, we will plant three saplings. This shows our commitment to sustainability as a company, ensuring that we can continue to make high quality wooden garage kits for many years to come.
  • Thorough Wood Grading: Each piece of wood we use is carefully checked by our team of carpenters and timber graders. They’ll use our state of the art machinery to look for any faults, warps, or cracks that could jeopardise the sturdiness of our products. Any wood that doesn’t meet these standards is responsibly recycled, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.
  • All Wood Precision Cut: Our products ease of assembly is ensured by our precise manufacturing process. We use the latest tools to cut our wooden kits with precision accuracy, helping to guarantee a strong and easy to assemble garage for every customer. Our manufacturing processes help to eliminate the potential for human error in our products, ensuring a stress free assembly.
  • Fair, Bespoke Pricing: Our prices are calculated based on materials, rather than design. We won’t charge more for a bespoke double garage, as we recognise that each of our customers has different needs. Our prices are reasonable, and we provide no obligation bespoke prices on all of our products.
  • Q-Mark Certification: All of our products are Q-Mark certified, demonstrating their quality and stability. The Q-Mark is a rigorous, industry leading certification panel. Their mark on all of our products demonstrates that you will be investing in something that is constructed to the highest of standards.

Ideas for Your Wooden Double Garage

Get in Touch With an Expert

If you are intrigued by the endless possibilities an oak-framed garage can introduce to your Leeds home, get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your design options or for more information.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all potential customers looking to transform their suburban or rural homes with an oak-framed garage.

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Will You Need Planning Permission for Your Wooden Double Garage?

The need for planning permission is something that causes worry for many of our customers. Thankfully, most single-story wooden double garages will not require planning permission. If you were looking to build a more complex garage on your property, such as one of our bespoke garages with a room above, then there is a possibility you may require planning permission due to the height. There are also considerations about building near to property boundaries, or next to an area of designated land, such as an area of outstanding natural beauty or a national park. It is always worth contacting your local council with any questions you have about local planning permission rules, or potential constructions on your property.

For our wooden garage kits, you are not likely to need planning permission.

Order Your Wooden Double Garage Kit Today

Get in touch with The Garage Specialist today and we can begin production on your wooden double garage kit. We will base our design around your desires and the specifications of your property, helping you to assemble the perfect wooden garage.

We can enter production as soon as plans are agreed upon, delivering across the UK once work is signed off. Our wooden double garage kits allow you to build your new garage at your own schedule, following our simple instructions. Talk to a member of our team today for a bespoke no obligation quote on your new wooden double garage.