Beautiful Two Bay Oak Framed Garage Kits

At The Garage Specialist, we offer a range of high quality garage kits for you to build at home. With a stunning oak frame, our two bay garage kits are easy to assemble, and built to last.

We will build you a custom oak framed garage kit according to your specifications, to suit the needs of your cars and your property. Every kit we make is handcrafted at our East Sussex studio from sustainable french timber, and shipped across the UK to your home. Easy to construct, our garage kits can be assembled at your schedule, saving on labour costs.

We bring over 30 years experience to every garage kit we produce, guaranteeing a beautiful, high quality product.

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We have created a bespoke virtual builder to help your design your dream garage.

Our Two Bay Oak Framed Garage Kits

A two bay oak framed garage from The Garage Specialist will be the perfect space to store your classic cars, or to use as a small work area for car maintenance. We manufacture our garages to suit the needs of our customers, so if you want wider bays, garage doors or windows, or a larger garage height, we can provide you with a bespoke garage kit. 

Our two bay timber garage kits are a beautiful addition to any property, with a rustic aesthetic that marries seamlessly with both classic and newer styles of house. Our garage kits are reasonably priced, with pricing determined by current timber prices. We do not charge extra for custom builds, as we recognise the importance of providing each customer with the product they need.

Speak to a member of our team today about your needs in a two bay oak framed garage, and we will do our best to accommodate them into the design, whether you want to store a large vehicle, would like to be able to fully open your car doors, or would like a garage that doubles as extra living space. Our two bay garages do not have set dimensions or sizes, instead being built to fit your needs. We do not think of a standard garage or a standard size for a garage design, instead working with you to build your perfect garage.

Our Easy to Assemble Kits

At The Garage Specialist all of our wooden garage kits are built using traditional jointing techniques, utilising tongue and groove design, making them easy to assemble at home. With a little DIY experience, constructing one of our oak frame double garage kits will be a comfortable and speedy process. We provide detailed instructions with every kit we produce, and are also happy to make the planning drawings available to you upon request.

Why Choose The Garage Specialist?

  • Our Sustainably Sourced Timber: Every kit we sell is produced from high quality green oak or Douglas-fir timber, which is sustainably sourced from a designated site in France. For every tree used for our wood, three more saplings will be planted. We recognise the value of sustainability as a company, and take pride that our high quality products are built with an environmental conscience.
  • Thorough Wood Grading: Our experienced carpenters use state of the art technology to check every piece of wood that arrives at our site before use. We check for microscopic faults and weaknesses, and anything that could affect the stability of your two bay oak framed garage will be recycled.
  • Each Piece Precision Cut: We cut our pieces with precision accuracy, using high end machinery to guarantee the perfect cut every time. We recognise the importance of accuracy when building our kits, and our production techniques help rule out human error, or wood that is anything but the highest quality.
  • Q-Mark Certification On Our Range of Products: The Q-Mark certification is one of the most respected quality guarantees in our field, recognised by major industry bodies. The Q-Mark on each of our products makes clear our commitment to quality, and the exacting standards you can expect from our garage kits.

Get in Touch With an Expert

If you are intrigued by the endless possibilities an oak-framed garage can introduce to your Leeds home, get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your design options or for more information.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all potential customers looking to transform their suburban or rural homes with an oak-framed garage.

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Will You Need Planning Permission For An Oak Frame Garage

Many of our customers are concerned about whether they will need to get planning permission to erect one of our two bay oak framed garages. Thankfully, most standalone garages will not require planning permission.

If you are adding a more complex outdoor structure to your property, such as a garage with a room above, this may require planning permission. You should always contact your local council if you have any doubts about whether an addition to your property will require planning permission.

There are other things that must be taken into account when building on your property, such as whether you will be building near a property boundary, or next to protected land like national parks.

Your Perfect Two Bay Oak Framed Garage Kit Delivered to You

Contact The Garage Specialist to start work on your two bay oak framed garage kit today. We can begin plans for your garage kit as soon as you place an order, and will get it to you as soon as work has been signed off, delivering anywhere in the UK.

A two bay oak framed garage kit will be the perfect addition to your property. Get in touch with a member of our team today to hear more about our high quality two bay garage kits for sale.