There are a number of important factors to consider when investing in a bespoke wooden garage. After more than 30 years of experience in the oak-frame building trade, our team has amassed a wealth of knowledge to help you design and construct your dream garage.

We’ve put together a complete list of FAQs our customers have posed before purchasing, covering every step of the process, including:


1: Is the building assembled using correct and traditional timber frame joints and detail, and is the skill of the craftsman aligned to latest technology?

With many years’ experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of oak frames we have harnessed the use of modern technology to use the latest CNC machinery to ensure traditional craftsmanship skills are incorporated in your frame whilst still giving accuracy of timber machining, tight tolerances and consistently high quality every time.

2: Does the frame consist of an oak sole plate giving consistency of structure, rather than just loose posts?

We can guarantee the integrity of our designs and give you comfort in the knowledge that we consider every single detail and specification to ensure that not only will your oak frame be a beauty to behold but that it will also stand the test of time.

Quality Control

3: Does the oak used to construct the frame come from an audited source, meeting and exceeding TRADA (Timber Research And Development Association) quality structural specification?

All of our timber comes from responsibly managed forests where more trees are planted for each one felled. We fully understand the requirements for TIMBER SPECIFICATION and grading and ensure that all of our timber exceeds the TRADA quality structural specifications by ensuring that our in-house timber selectors are all TRADA qualified graders.

4: Is the manufacturer independently certified and recognised by TRADA confirming that the design, manufacture, and assembly all meet or exceed prescribed standards?

We are independently audited by TRADA to confirm that we are meeting the prescribed quality on a consistent and regular basis for every frame that we supply. You should not confuse this with just being a member of TRADA which is available to any individual or company who pays the membership subscription fees!

5: Does the manufacturer have a Q-Mark certification? (Without it, there is no guarantee that the building meets the above standards.)

The BM TRADA Q-MARK is the ultimate quality endorsement of a timber building from the timber industry experts. It ensures that we are designing, manufacturing and assembling your oak frame to an agreed quality and complying with the relevant standards and the requirements of UK Building Regulations. See HERE for more information about the BM TRADA Q-mark.

6: Do they issue a full 10-year guarantee on the frame?

We provide a full 10-year guarantee for your frame.

7: Is the material used actually the finest quality unseasoned green oak which is quality controlled by certified experts?

We only use the finest quality, green, unseasoned oak individually selected and graded by our own TRADA qualified timber graders. This means that as the timber contracts, the joints tighten and the structure becomes progressively stronger. This incredible strength allows the construction of light-filled, open living spaces without the need for internal, load bearing walls.

8: Are you able to visit show sites to view a range of buildings from the supplier and have that all important hands on feel and see the quality for yourself?

We have a range of oak frame buildings available to view at our HEAD OFFICE AND MANUFACTURING PLANT IN WOODS CORNER, EAST SUSSEX. We respect the individual privacy of our customers so do not generally allow visits to private properties for viewings but we are very happy to take you to view some of the public buildings which we have built.


9: Can they provide technical support for yourself, and your contractor, as the project proceeds?

You will be allocated a project administrator from our head office team who will co-ordinate the works and be your main point of contact for the project. We also have our own team of in-house designers and experts available to provide information and support to both you and your other contractors as and when needed.

10: Will they provide National Building Specification (NBS) support for Architects and Surveyors.

We are happy to provide NBS support for Architects and Surveyors where needed.

11: Can you visit the supplier’s factory and see your frame being manufactured, or in fact completed, before you make the pre-delivery payment?

We encourage you to arrange a visit to our HEAD OFFICE AND MANUFACTURING PLANT IN WOODS CORNER, EAST SUSSEX where we have a range of oak frame buildings available to view. You are welcome to visit at any time to view what we are doing and can even see your frame being manufactured.

12: Do they have specialist consultants who can help you through the process from start to finish?

We have a dedicated sales office team as well as a network of field consultants and surveyors who are available to support you throughout your project. Contact us today!


13: Do the costs allow for upgrading planning drawings to detail design drawings of the building showing sectional detail available in printed or electronic format?

Included in your quotation is a full set of detailed design drawings giving full information on floor plans, cross-sections, elevations and construction details. These are available in printed and electronic versions giving you clear, quick and easy access to all the information you need to approve the design and assist your other contractors.

14: Do costs allow for a site inspection of the sub-structure prior to delivery of the oak frame?

For all oak frames where assembly by us is included in the contract, we will inspect your groundworks prior to delivery of the frame to ensure that they are suitable to accept the frame giving you full peace of mind. We can then advise you if any changes are needed prior to our arrival thereby avoiding wasted time and costs if there are any issues.

15: Do costs allow for delivery and erection of the building with no hidden “extras”?

Our assembly quotations allow for all the costs required to deliver and assemble your building with no hidden extras. Many companies exclude crane and plant costs from their quotes to give you a false low figure to lure you in and then add these on later as an unwelcome extra at the end of the project.

16: Can you fix the price of the project whilst planning application is submitted with a small holding deposit for at least 6 months, but still alter the design following approval if required.

We understand that it can sometimes take a long time to achieve planning permission and that you will want to hold your quoted price while this process is completed. We are happy to fix prices on your quote for 6 months with a 10% holding deposit and can often hold this for longer if needed. You can still change your design following approval if needed which we will re-quote using the same unit material and labour prices as your original quotation.

17: Once design and specification are agreed for your building, does the supplier provide a fixed price enabling you to budget accurately?

We provide a fixed price quotation for your building and unlike many other companies, we do not try to add on extras to the cost of your project after you have placed your order for crane costs, plant hire or increased timber sizes due to engineer’s requirements when you have not requested any change to the design! The only time that a cost may change for one of our quotes is if you request a change or if the Building Control Officer requests a change in the specification or design of groundworks.

18: Are the frame designs quoted for “like for like”? (If manufacturers design sketches are not available, ask for them so comparable checks can be made.)

Our quotations are specific as to what is included and we try wherever possible to include all the features and material specifications that you have asked for in plain clear language. You should ensure that when comparing prices that you are very clear what is included and excluded from each quotation and if you are not sure we can often help you demystify the jargon!

19: Do costs include for Building specific structural calculations – rather than standard or generic calculations, and do they also meet the Eurocode 5 requirements. (CE marking will require this, so are you getting this service?)

We ensure that your structural calculations are prepared specifically for your building in its’ intended location to Eurocode 5 requirements. Many companies use generic calculations without considering your specific design and wind loadings at your location – this will be a requirement for CE marking in the building industry.

Any other Questions?

If you still have any unanswered questions, then our team are always on hand to give you the answers you need. Get in touch with us today and we can start helping you plan and place an order for your very own project.

Our staff are all experts in the oak construction industry and will be delighted to help, from answering any of your questions to assisting you in making the right decision for your property.