These technical information pages provide important details on the following topics:

Oak-framed garage under construction
  • Aftercare Considerations: Discover our care package which will help your oak garage last for decades.
  • Building Regulations: These are developed by the Government and are the minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to nearly every building.
  • Frame Types: A diagram-packed overview of the main frame types we use in our buildings.
  • Groundwork Options: Explore the different options you have for the foundations of your garage.
  • Joint Details: Descriptions of the main construction joints used for your timber framed building.
  • Permitted Development: Some projects can be undertaken without prior planning permission. We overview the rules in this article.
  • Planning Permission Guide: Everything you need to know about planning permission and your garage dreams.
  • Roofing Material Options: There’s a roofing material to suit every aesthetic and practical need. This article explores your options.
  • Roof Options: There are many shapes of roof out there. We outline the main ones we use on our garages.
  • Things to consider…when planning your oak-framed garage.
  • For any further advice or to discuss your requirements, pleaseย contact us.