The Garage Specialist Quality Assurance 

We are committed to demonstrating to customers that our oak garage kits are of the highest quality.

Our 5 Step Quality Control Process

Your oak garage kit goes through a fully documented and auditable 5 step quality control process as follows:

  1. Before your garage pieces are delivered, they are graded by our experienced on-site timber graders to ensure sound structural integrity. Upon delivery, your timber will again be assessed to ensure the correct size and quantity. A visual quality check is also performed before assembly begins.
  1. When the frame is going into production, your timber will be checked by our timber graders to ensure sound structural integrity and suitability.
  1. When your timber frame is being routed through production, our graders will assess its condition to ensure our aesthetics and suitability are still met.
  1. Before we begin manufacturing your oak garage, our machine is put through a calibration check. The machine’s calibration is monitored every 30 minutes to ensure it’s accurately cutting the timber pieces to ensure a durable and accurate build.
  1. The final stage involves your oak framed garage kit being put through one final cutting test to ensure our high standards are being met. It also guarantees that all components required to assemble your garage are present.

How Our Oak Framed Garage Kits are a Cut Above the Rest

Our Timbers are Sourced Sustainably

Our timber is sourced from sustainable forest programmes to ensure we’re doing our bit for the environment. For every tree used in our construction, another two or more are planted in its place. We source both Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea oak for our timber garages as they are renowned for their quality and durability. They also live longer and grow in straighter structure, meaning there is a bigger volume available for cutting.

Additionally, these oak types are sustainably farmed, which means we are able to offer more competitive prices.

On-site Timber Graders Ensure Quality Cuts Every Time

As briefly mentioned, all timber from The Garage Specialist is graded by our experts to ensure our high levels of aesthetics and stability are met. If we do discover any defects are discovered, the timber is recycled in a responsible way and a new piece will be used during construction.

Precision Engineering

All oak framed garage kits are manufactured through our Hundegger CNC machine. This machine enables us to cut timber to millimetre-perfect standards, ensuring a flush build and immaculate presentation. The machine is calibrated every 30 minutes to ensure our high precision standards are being met.

Quality Control is Assured

Once the machine has cut your timber, our experienced graders individually check each piece to ensure our quality standards are met and the machine has not discovered any underlying defects.

The Finished Product

For easy on-site assembly, all kits come complete with clear instructions and all beams are pre-drilled for fixings and pre-cut for birdsmouth jointed rafters. All components are coded to assist in the assembly process.