At The Garage Specialist, we sell a wide range of carports and garage kits. We’re often asked questions about our carports, so we’ve made this quick guide to answer the most popular. It covers the basics, like what is a carport, the differences between carports and garages, the costs of carports, whether your carport will need planning permission, and the sizes of carports available.

What is a Carport?

A carport is defined as a covered structure offering limited protection to your car or cars. They can be standalone or connected to the side of a building, consisting of a roof supported on posts. Unlike many traditional structures, a carport only has one or two walls. Carports can be built out of several different materials, with ours being built from timber frames. Houses can be built with a carport installed, extending the roof of the house on standalone posts. Carports are designed to offer protection from the elements, especially rain.

What Separates a Carport From a Garage?

Unlike a carport, a garage is a fully enclosed structure. They can both be attached to a house or a freestanding structure, and both serve the purpose of protecting vehicles. Like a carport, a garage can be built out of many different materials, including our high quality wooden garages. The main separator in terms of benefits, barring the protection provided by walls, is that a garage can also be used for an additional room if needed, for storage space or as a laundry room. Building a garage is a more costly and time consuming process than a carport.

What is a Carport Used For?

Carports will help protect your car from damage that would have been caused by harsh weather conditions like rain or hail. It will also help protect your car from the sun. Carports are quick and easy to build, comparatively cheap compared to garages whilst keeping your cars secure. 

Carports offer a smaller, tasteful design, complementing your house. A carport can be an excellent method of home improvement, increasing the curb appeal of your house. They also allow for better ventilation than a garage, allowing you to work on your car in a protected outdoor space. A carport can also be used as a covered outdoor space for a workshop or a BBQ.

Will I Need Planning Permission for a Carport?

Architectural building design and construction plans with blueprints, Young man was designing a building or architecture with a ruler, pen, pencil, tape measure, architect hat and other equipment on the desk.

Planning permission can be a great worry for any homeowner looking to extend their property. The good news is that adding a carport to your property, whether an extension or a standalone build, should fall under the permitted development guidelines. Most single story extensions won’t require planning permission, though you can always enquire with your local planning authority if you are in any way concerned that your potential carport may require planning permission. The only carport designs that would require planning permission would be ones that are over 4m in height or have eaves of over 2.5m within 2m of a property boundary. Free standing structures like carports should be considered permitted developments.

There are exceptions where you may need to seek planning permission before making any adjustments to your property. These include if your house is a protected building, if your house is in a national park, an area of outstanding natural beauty, or a world heritage site. To find out if your property falls under any of these regulations, contact your local planning authority.

What Size Do Carports Come in?

Carports can come in several sizes, catering to your needs. Whether you want a single car carport attached to your home, or a standalone double carport, you will be able to find one. While generic single, double, and even triple carports are available for sale, some companies, such as The Garage Specialist, offer bespoke designs allowing custom carport dimensions for whatever widths and heights you choose.

How Expensive Are Carports?

The cost of a carport can vary according to both design and components. They can be constructed from galvanised metal or treated timber, with either a flat or pitched roof. Carports can be built on top of grass, but for longevity should be built on top of a solid base, like concrete or paving. Depending on materials and installation, a single carport can cost between £2000 and £4000, while a double can cost between £3500 and £6500.

Our Bespoke Wooden Carport Kits

At The Garage Specialist, we can build a custom wooden carport kit for you. Our carport kits are easy to build, durable, and handcrafted in the UK from sustainable wood. Whether you are looking for a standalone or extension carport, in single or double, we will build you a bespoke high quality carport kit. 

Installing a carport from The Garage Specialist is a quick and easy process for any DIY enthusiast. We offer free quotes on all of our carport kits, so make an inquiry through our website today to find out the affordable cost of your new carport.

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