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Building a garage with oak timber frames is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and many construction firms are offering different oak building types at a range of different prices. In this guide, we will tell you more about oak framed garage prices in the UK, what determines them, and how it works when you choose to use our service.

What Determines Average Prices for Oak Framed Garages in the UK?

Most oak frame garage prices will fall somewhere between £4,000 and £20,000. It’s possible that some prices will be over or under this estimate, but these cheaper options can fall below expectations in terms of quality.

The price of your chosen oak structure will depend on:

  • The size of the garage
  • The complexity of the garage’s design (whether it will be a 1-bay, 2-bay, or 3-bay design, or if it will be built with a room above)
  • The quality of the materials
  • The expertise involved in the manufacturing process
  • Any other materials involved in the garage’s construction
  • The type of roof you are planning to build (whether it will be pitched or flat)

The figures given here are estimates based on designs up to a 3-bay garage. It’s possible that you may want a larger, more complex design than this, and these can often cost property owners up to £40,000, depending on what they want from the finished product.

Oak Garage Prices Compared to Other Materials

Materials play an important role in determining the price of a garage built on your property. To see a full list and breakdown of prices for different types of garage and their materials, please see our page on the cost of building a garage.

Value-For-Money Materials and Designs

One of oak’s greatest benefits as a material is that it gets stronger, rather than weaker, over time. As the wood loses its moisture content, it shrinks, becomes harder, and increases structural integrity. The wood will also darken over time, but this doesn’t have any impact on the strength of the frame. 

Because wood will only get stronger when used as frames, and as they require minimal maintenance over the years, you will be guaranteed a long-lasting product. As a result, you should not have to think about making costly repairs to, or even replacing, your garage for a long time either. This makes any oak frame garage purchase value-for-money, and cost-effective in the long term.

How it Works at The Garage Specialist

We do not offer a specific set of standardised prices. Each green oak frame garage kit we sell is manufactured to bespoke specifications, and each will come with a price tag that reflects its unique nature. As such, how much you pay for one of our garages will depend on what you order, and depending on the size and style of the design chosen, the cost may change considerably. 

To give an example of how this would work, you can expect a small, one-bay garage to cost less than a 2-bay or 3-bay garage design. On top of this, you can expect a 2 or 3-bay oak framed garage with one storey to be lower on the price list than a garage built with a room above.

What Else Determines Oak Framed Garage Prices?

Beyond the size and overall design of the garage building you want, several other factors determine how much it will cost. These include:

  • Whether you are planning on installing the garage yourself from a kit or hiring a third party to do the work for you (labour costs)
  • Whether or not you will need planning permission before you begin

Planning Permission

Planning permission is a factor related to more specific sizes of garages. You will only have to pay for it and get Building Regulations approval if you have a particularly large garage in mind. Most small single and double garage designs, including extensions, fall under the terms allowed by permitted development. This means a 3-bay garage, or a design with a room above, will likely need permission before you begin.

To learn more about when you will need planning permission for a garage, please see our advice page. 

We must also note that planning permission fees will vary depending on location in mainland UK, as prices differ between England, Scotland, and Wales. Some further stipulations may also apply only in your local area. Check with your local planning authority to find out what applies to your property, and save yourself time and money that might get needlessly spent.

Find Oak Framed Garage Prices Here

If you are planning the ideal garage for your property, The Garage Specialist has the perfect tool to get you started. By clicking on the garage design you’re most interested in, you will be taken to our quick, clever Garage Builder. There, you can pick out individual features that you want to see and know you’ll use in your design once the garage is built.

As soon as you have put together the design you want, request your quote from us and we will send it to you right away. Based on this, you’ll either be able to adjust the design to suit your budget, or you’ll get the chance to order the exact garage you want as soon as possible. 

Start with the basic garage kit design that you want and pick out the features to turn it into the structure that suits your needs and your budget today.

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