2 bay oak framed car port

Our expertly crafted cart lodge kits are not only perfect for creating additional outdoor storage and shelter, but they are also a beautiful addition to any home and garden. The Garage Specialist plan, design and deliver a huge range of oak-framed cart lodges using only Douglas-fir timber or green oak for the most sustainable and highest quality oak framework.

We are leading industry experts with a range of timber-framed structures created with Q-Mark equivalency from BM TRADA. Each cart lodge kit is manufactured to the exact specifications of the customer using traditional jointing techniques, precision engineering and the latest technology to ensure that you receive the most beautiful and structurally integral installation available to you and your home.
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Our Oak Framed Cart Lodge Designs

We understand the importance of unique designs when it comes to installing a new feature in your home. Therefore, we are proud to offer a range of customisable design options for our oak framed cart lodges, such as the number of bays, additional rooms above your structure and the choice of additional windows and doors.

Every cart lodge kit designed by The Garage Specialist contains all of the necessary components you need to create a garden structure that is both beautiful and useful for your everyday needs. Once your oak cart lodge has been designed to match your exact requirements, we will begin curating your timber pieces using pre-cut green oak or Douglas-fir.

From one-bay to three-bay lodges, all of our designs are sourced from the highest-quality oak to ensure that your cart lodge is built for longevity and timeless charm. Our sustainable farming method used to source our timber consists of hand-selecting materials from our designated site in France and replacing all utilised oak with three more saplings to protect the life span of our natural materials.

What Cart Lodge Designs Are Available to Me?

2 bay oak framed car port

Our oak-framed cart lodges are available with customisable options including the number of bays, joint details, depth options, open or closed stores, roof options, additional rooms and more. We are committed to making sure that your bespoke cart lodge is built to fulfil all of your specific needs, whatever its intended purpose.

The beauty of building with a raw material as charming as oak is that its natural beauty can be easily emphasised by additional elements. If you are looking to make your cart lodge join with your indoor space, you can bridge the interior and exterior gap by using paving and plants to emphasise its purpose. Alternatively, your cart lodge can be adorned with exterior furnishing and lights to expand its functionality.

If you are looking to use your cart lodge to protect your car from the elements, or as a workshop, your cart lodge can also be left as is with the bare Douglas-fir timber or green oak providing a naturally timeless aesthetic to your outdoor space.

Cart Lodge Designs with The Garage Specialist

Whether you are looking for a single standard-size cart lodge for your vehicle, or a four-bay lodge with a room above to house multiple cars with the option of additional space, we can fulfil a design to your exact specifications. The bespoke nature of our designs means that we can tailor any structure to your specific needs, customising your cart lodge in terms of dimensions, windows, doors and finishings.

Our cart lodges are a perfect addition to any garden and home, marrying a blend of classical and modern to offer a great look alongside everything from a countryside estate to an urban home. We pride ourselves on the endless versatility and longevity of our cart lodges.

Every kit produced by us consists of pre-cut and drilled timber pieces created using traditional jointing techniques to ensure ease of assembly for every single customer. Your kit will also come with unique assembly instructions and the guarantee of assistance at every point of your design journey.

With decades of experience and Q-mark products independently certified by BM TRADA, we have a stringent commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of our products. You can be assured that any cart lodge you order is not only being built with pride and experience, but with certified quality from one of the leading authorities in timber.

Secure Your Oak Cart Lodge Today

We strive for nothing but perfection across our entire production process. From the first design consultation to the final stages of aftercare, The Garage Specialist provides an unimpeachable combination of genuine care for our customers and expert craftsmanship.
With all projects made to order and shipped within 6-8 weeks at competitive prices, you can start designing your cart lodge with a member of our team today. Contact our team for more information on how to get started with your newest and most exciting project yet.

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