The Garage Specialist create beautifully bespoke oak framed garages to your exact requirements and specifications. Our full range includes garages, garages with additional rooms and complexes, all expertly crafted with our stringent and efficient services with nationwide delivery.

Our hand-picked materials are durable and weatherproof, perfect for creating your timeless wooden building. With our expert team at the heart of everything we craft, you are guaranteed to receive an oak-framed garage that is perfectly crafted.

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your oak framed garage options, or to receive a free, no-obligation quote for your bespoke design.

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What Garages Are Available to You in Yorkshire?

We offer a range of options for your oak framed garage, including one to four-bay single-storey garages, single-storey and two-storey timber buildings and our larger complexes. View our gallery to browse some of our existing oak-framed installations.

Standalone Garages

Our standalone garages are the perfect addition to any property looking to increase its outdoor space. Whether you are looking for safe and weatherproof storage for your vehicle, or you are just looking to install a covered workspace, our standalone garages are ideal. Available in one to four-bay designs, all of our standalone garages are built with sustainable Q-marked green oak or Douglas-fir timber.

Garages with Additional Rooms

If you are looking to install a two to a four-bay garage, you will have the option to expand your space even further with the addition of a room above. A room above your garage offers a world of opportunity when it comes to additional space. Whether you are looking to install a gym, workshop or additional storage space, the material used for all construction regardless of size, is our sustainably sourced timber.


Our deluxe oak framed complexes provide a much larger space that can serve a variety of purposes. The considerable size of a complex provides you with the opportunity to install a structure that can house multiple vehicles and extensive space that can be used at your convenience.

Customise Your Oak Framed Garage

s all of our oak framed garages are made to order, you are able to take advantage of our customisable components to make your timber structure unique.

You are free to customise your oak framed garage with any of the following:

  • The number of bays
  • Roof end styles
  • Additional doors and windows
  • Douglas-fir or green oak timber
  • Size of garage section
  • The buildingโ€™s cross-sections
  • Log storage

Get in Touch With an Expert

If you are intrigued by the endless possibilities an oak-framed garage can introduce to your Leeds home, get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your design options or for more information.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all potential customers looking to transform their suburban or rural homes with an oak-framed garage.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

As with any garden room, you will need to comply with your local building regulations when planning your oak-framed garage. There are general rules to follow, such as ensuring that your oak-framed building is situated at least one metre away from the boundary of your property.

If your garage building is open on at least two sides and has an overall floor area that does not exceed 30 square meters, it is unlikely that you will require planning permission.

If you are looking to install a two-story garage or a large complex, you will need to complete a planning permission application. Luckily, our expert team have all of the answers when it comes to planning permission with our oak-framed garages and can provide you with advice on all things planning and regulations.
Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your planning permission queries, or take a look at our comprehensive planning permission guide.


Why Our Oak Framed Garages Are the Best in Yorkshire

With experience and passion at the heart of everything we do, we have honoured our 5-step quality assurance process to ensure that all of our oak framed garages are perfect every time:

  1. All of our garage DIY kits are graded by our on-site timber graders to ensure unbeatable structural integrity and rigorously inspected at our dedicated timber site in France.
  2. All timber pieces are checked again by our graders upon arrival at our UK warehouse.
  3. Each frame that is produced is assessed by our graders when being routed through production to guarantee each piece of timber meets our guidelines for aesthetics and sustainability.
  4. All materials used are put through a meticulous calibration tech by our high-tech machinery before construction and every 30 minutes to ensure precision cutting every time.
  5. Your final frame will go through a cutting test to confirm the standards have been met and to check all components of your garage frame fit perfectly.

The result of our stringent testing creates a beautifully crafted oak-framed structure that can be seamlessly constructed with minimal hassle and disruption. Our precision engineering combined with decades of experience creates timber garages that are timelessly beautiful and fantastic value for money.

Create Your Bespoke Oak Framed Garage Today

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all oak framed garage kits. Our team are on hand to support you from the planning process to the installation at your Yorkshire property.

Get in touch with a member of our team today and we will be happy to provide you with any information needed to start planning your oak-framed garage. We offer delivery directly to your door within 6-8 weeks of sign-off so that you can build your garage as soon as possible.