Bespoke Oak Garages in Somerset

Our hand-crafted, beautifully bespoke garages are made to measure for every individual client that we have the pleasure of working with. Using the highest quality oak, traditional crafting methods and state-of-the-art machinery, we can supply you with your perfect oak garage to be delivered directly to your home in Somerset.

When choosing who to make your bespoke oak-framed garage in Somerset, The Garage Specialist has over three decades of experience honing their craft. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, with our Q-Mark products being independently certified by BM TRADA, the industry provider for global testing, safety and calibration.

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your Somerset property, get in touch with a member of our team today to receive your free, no-obligation quote. Or, try out our state-of-the-art virtual custom builder.

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

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What Are the Benefits of an Oak Garage?

Building your very own oak garage comes with a vast array of benefits in comparison to choosing a garage built with alternative materials:

  • Affordability:
    Due to the precision engineering used, you can be sure that your oak framed garage will last a lifetime. In comparison to using other materials such as cement, bricks or uPVC, oak requires fewer materials and a smaller workforce. Therefore, the manufacturing is far more cost-effective without compromising on quality.
  • Low maintenance:
    Oak possesses natural durability, meaning that your oak garage is innately weatherproof and hard-wearing resulting in low-effort upkeep and low cost.
  • Aesthetic:
    We use carefully cultivated timber for every single oak framed garage that we craft, meaning that every garage presents a beautifully natural aesthetic which is incomparable to materials such as cement, brick and metal. Oak can also be enhanced by using plants and foliage to emphasise its raw characteristics.
  • Eco-friendly:
    Not only is green oak a preferred material for aesthetic and naturally hardwearing properties, but it is also the most eco-friendly choice when considering materials to craft your garage. Our specific oak is grown to its full life enabling the timber to grow straighter and longer to produce more wood for harvesting. Oak is also a carbon-neutral material with naturally insulating properties.

What Oak Garages Are Available?

The Garage Specialist understands that every client has their own bespoke needs and requirements when it comes to the design and construction of an oak garage, therefore we have an existing range of designs and sizes for you to choose from, or for you to use for inspiration for your custom-made garage in Somerset. 

Regarding size and possibilities, The Garage Specialist offers single to quadruple bay installations which can be created to be stand-alone, lean-to or extended further. Two, three and four-bay garages can be assembled with additional rooms above or further attachments to create extra recreational space.
If you are looking for inspiration or wish to see what your one to four-bay garage can look like, browse our existing designs or our gallery of past installations. You can also try out our virtual garage builder below to customise your unique oak framed garage kit today.


How Much Does an Oak Framed Garage Cost?

A new garage, whether it’s a stand-alone structure or an extension to your house, can be a rather large investment. Our timber frame kits will cut down the average cost of building a garage significantly so that you can tailor your budget.

All of our oak framed garage kits are made to measure to your exact specifications, meaning that there are no extra costs for things that you may not require. All of our garages range in price depending on size, the number of rooms and any additional properties that you order, therefore the cost of your oak garage will be entirely unique to your order.
You can use our virtual garage builder at the bottom of the page to get an estimated cost for your garage kit or look through our detailed guide to the cost of building a garage, which also includes information on planning permission and whether you’ll need it.

Receive Your Free Quote for Your Oak Garage in Somerset

We are dedicated to providing your luxurious oak framed garages manufactured with premium quality materials straight to your door in Somerset within 6 to 8 weeks. The Garage Specialist uses nothing but the best quality materials in order to create your durable, long-lasting and beautifully bespoke oak garage kit.

Our skilled carpenters build single to four bay wooden garages, garages with rooms above, large complexes and more. Whatever you require for your oak garage installation, get in touch with The Garage Specialist today and we’ll provide you with a beautiful bespoke handcrafted construction kit. We offer quick delivery to Somerset, so you can install your garage as soon as possible.