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Bespoke Oak Framed Garages in Lincolnshire

The Garage Specialist is the UK’s leading supplier of Q-Marked oak framed complexes and garages. We offer hard-wearing, beautifully crafted timber garages that can be designed and built to your precise specifications to be delivered to your home in Lincolnshire.

We deliver a wide range of existing designs for your timber garage, which you can choose from, or we can create an entirely bespoke garage to fit your exact requirements. Our oak framed garages provide not only a practical and secure storage space for your vehicle, but they also supply a natural and timeless structure to any Lincolnshire property. Our durable wooden frames can withstand all weather conditions without compromising on aesthetics.

With decades of experience in our trade, our team use industry-recognised creation methods and rigorous quality assurance to create beautifully bespoke and fully customisable oak framed garage kits. Get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your options for a new oak framed garage in Lincolnshire, or try our virtual builder to explore the possibilities.

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

Explore Our Range of Garages in Lincolnshire 

The Garage Specialist has a vast portfolio of existing garage designs that can be purchased directly as they are, or they can be customised to the specifications that suit your home and garden.


Standalone Garages

Our standalone garages are the perfect installation for any vehicle that requires safe yet beautiful weatherproof storage. Available in one to four-bay designs, our standalone garages are built with sustainable oak and can be created to reflect your personal style. All garages can be created with customisable shiplap cladding, cross sections, windows, doors, and additional material options. Whether you are looking for a single-bay garage or a four-bay garage, our expert manufacturers utilise top-of-the-line materials and installation techniques to create the perfect garage.

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Garages with Rooms Above

If you are looking to install a two to four-bay garage, you have the option to extend your space for optimum storage by building an additional room above your garage. An additional room above a garage can provide further space that can be used for whatever you require; a workshop, gym, or additional storage, for instance. All the timber that is used for the construction of your additional room adheres to the standards of premium quality and eco-friendly timber that is used throughout the creation of our traditional garages.

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Our premium oak complexes provide larger spaces that serve a variety of purposes. The extended size of a complex allows you to protect multiple vehicles and the ability to install an additional room provides you with extensive space that can be used for whatever suits your needs.

Get in Touch With an Expert

If you are intrigued by the endless possibilities an oak-framed garage can introduce to your Leeds home, get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your design options or for more information.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all potential customers looking to transform their suburban or rural homes with an oak-framed garage.

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How We Build Your Oak Framed Garage

Experts in our craft, we are passionate about what we do and we are proud of our results. Our timber grading, precision cutting, and dedication to quality are evident in all timber buildings that we have created. All of our oak framed garages and complexes are made and checked to industry standards, guaranteeing that your installation will be of exceptional quality.

Our rigorous processes ensure that all of our oak garages in Lincolnshire are created using exceptional and long-lasting techniques:

  • Sustainably sourced timber
    The timber used to craft our products is specifically grown and farmed from a designated site in France. Our timber is cultivated to grow as tall, straight, and strong as possible to ensure that most, if not all, of the wood can be used for long-lasting construction. Two or more saplings are planted in place of every tree farmed to preserve the longevity of the beautiful material used.
  • Expert timber grading
    Using start-of-the-art machinery and precision engineering, the timber used in our garages is thoroughly graded and inspected upon arrival at our workshops.
  • Quality assurance
    All beams used for construction are carefully and individually checked to ensure their structural integrity. Any timber that does not meet these requirements is responsibly recycled for alternative use.
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Why Choose The Garage Specialist?

With over three decades of experience, we have tailored our construction process to allow for a hassle-free build when assembling all garage kits. By skillfully crafting oak framed garage kits from sustainably sourced timber, we offer a unique service that allows all creations to be customised to your exact specifications without compromising on quality.

We ensure that all wooden garages that we produce, and deliver directly to your door in Lincolnshire, are easy to build and eco-friendly. With pre-drilled and pre-cut timber pieces that are delivered with a personalised instruction manual, your oak-framed garage is primed for easy installation.

Receive Your Free Quote Today

The Garage Specialist offers free, no-obligation quotes for all oak framed garage kits. Our team will be on hand to assist throughout the entirety of your journey, from planning and designing to installation. Our quotes are available at no extra cost for existing designs and any designs that you would like tailored to your specifications and requirements.

Get in touch with a member of our team today and we will provide you with any information that you require to start your oak-framed garage creation. We offer delivery directly to Lincolnshire within 6-8 weeks of your final designs being signed off so that you can make the most of your oak garage as soon as possible.