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Premium Quality Timber Garages in Kent

The Garage Specialists are the UK’s leading suppliers of Q-Marked oak framed garages and complexes. We offer affordable, long-lasting and beautiful timber garages which can be designed and built to your exact requirements.

Offering a wide range of existing designs for timber garages, you can choose from any current expertly crafted garage, or we can create your very own bespoke timber garage to match your exact specifications. All garages created by The Garage Specialist use the finest green oak or Douglas-fir timber farmed from France and are pre-drilled and pre-cut for easy assembly upon delivery.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your oak garage options in Kent, or try our virtual garage builder to explore what is possible for you.

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

What Timber Garages Are Available?

With over three decades of experience and an expert team with a genuine passion for what they do, we have skillfully created a vast portfolio of existing garage designs:

Standalone Garages

One bay oak garages are manufactured to a size which can comfortably house one car. Built with sustainable oak, your garage will be quality assured and long-lasting. All garages can be created with customisable cross sections, shiplap cladding, doors, windows and additional material options. Whether you are choosing a single-bay garage or a four-bay garage, we offer all customisable options and top-of-the-line installation technology on all-size garages.

Garages With Rooms Above

Our two to four-bay garages come with the option to extend your space with a room above, designed and built in East Sussex to be delivered to your home in Kent. An additional room above a garage can provide extra space for whatever you require; workshop, gym or storage. All timber used for the additional rooms adheres to our promise to construct with premium quality and eco-friendly timber.

All timber garages are manufactured and delivered by The Garage Specialist with a 10-year guarantee and special aftercare package to ensure that your garage can maintain its charm for years to come.

Why Choose The Garage Specialist?

With over three decades of experience and an expert team with a genuine passion for what they do, we offer a wide range of garages built from the finest quality green oak or Douglas-fir timber. By skillfully crafting timber garage kits for our customers to install themselves, we offer a unique service that ensures that all projects are created to the highest standard. We will deliver your timber garage kit straight to your door in Kent with pre-drilled and pre-cut high-quality timber for an effortless assembly.

We also ensure that all wooden garages that we produce are eco-friendly in a time that matters most. The timber used for all kits is ethically and sustainably sourced from our long-life-grown trees in France. For every tree that we cut, we plant two in its place.


We supply a wide range of garage styles all across the UK.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Timber Garage?

Due to the versatility that The Garage Specialist encourages, all of our bespoke-made oak framed garages are not confined to a set price point. Our team will work alongside you in the design and curation and provide you with the best price that we can offer. Choosing oak over materials like cement, brick and metal is an affordable alternative which provides long-term cost-saving properties, allowing us to make our timber garages affordable.

Get in Touch to Receive Your Free Timber Garage Quote

We will expertly hand-craft your custom-made timber garage whatever the specifications. We will guide you through your journey from start to finish, ensuring that your design process is easy and hassle-free while exceeding all expectations.

The Garage Specialist will give you easy-to-follow, full assembly instructions and low-cost planning drawings to go along with our unbeatable-quality oak frames. Contact a member of our team today to receive your free, no-obligation quote.