Beautifully Crafted Oak Garages in Hereford

We are proud to offer a fine selection of handcrafted garage kits, sustainably made with quality green oak and Douglas-fir. Our oak garage kits are lovingly crafted in our own workshop to the bespoke requirements of our customers then transported to their properties at a time that suits them. 

When choosing who to make your bespoke oak garage frame in Hereford, choose the specialists with over three decades of experience honing their craft. Our commitment to quality is evident in all of our Q-Mark products being independently certified by BM TRADA, the industry provider for global testing, safety and calibration. 

Get in touch with us today and we can provide an accurate quote on your dream oak garage to transform your Hereford property. 

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

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What Are The Benefits of an Oak Garage?

There is a range of fantastic benefits to choosing an oak framed building for your garage over other materials:

  • More affordable: Building a garage with oak requires fewer materials than other popular garage builds like brick, cement, or uPVC, so requires a smaller workforce and, therefore, less money.
  • Less installation time: As an oak framed garage uses fewer materials, it is easier to put together, minimising what can sometimes be a long and disruptive installation process.
  • Lower maintenance: Oak garages are more weather resistant and generally durable than other materials, meaning their upkeep is low-effort and low-cost. 
  • Charming aesthetic: A classical oak or timber framed garage is a timeless aesthetic that can bring a beautiful authenticity to your home’s design.

The Versatility of an Oak Garage

Throughout our years of experience building bespoke garages for customers across the UK, we’ve seen a number of innovative uses for garages, including:

  • Home offices
  • Garden rooms
  • Extra living spaces
  • Studios and workshops
  • Extra storage spaces

Ordering Your Oak Garage Frame Through Us

In a nutshell, we provide ready-made, bespoke wooden garage kits that you can assemble on your property, delivering quickly and reliably across the UK.

Here’s the full process of getting your oak frame from us:

  1. You call our friendly experts on 01424 233920 with your plans and full specifications.
  2. As soon as you place an order, we start work on the plans for your ready-made or bespoke garage kit. We go through each feature of your plan with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the design, then we calculate the cost of the finished garage after this.
  3. When you’ve signed this off, we get to work. We use sustainably sourced timber, ordered in specially from a selected site in France which plants three saplings for every tree it cuts down. The trees are allowed to grow tall and strong for many years, so nothing is wasted and their quality is assured.
  4. The oak timbers arrive in our workshop and our team of trained expert timber graders and carpenters inspect it for any flaws, however minute, that may affect the structural integrity and prevent it from being used in a kit. We recycle any pieces of wood like this.
  5. We use the latest technology as well as traditional jointing techniques to craft your kit, ensuring each oak frame slots seamlessly together and everything is properly finished to the highest standard.
  6. We deliver your bespoke oak framed garage kit to you in Hereford as soon as we’ve finished building it. 
  7. With some rudimentary DIY skills on your part, your garage will be easily installed by you in a short space of time. We include a detailed instruction manual in every kit so you can get building with as little hassle as possible. As well as this, our planning drawings are available upon request.


We supply a wide range of garage styles all across the UK.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Oak Garage?

A new garage, whether it’s a stand-alone structure or an extension to your house, can be a costly venture to undertake. Our timber frame kits will cut down the average cost of building a garage significantly, so you can tailor your budget.

As our garage kits are made entirely to the specifications of our customers, there is no one cost. 

How much your oak garage frame costs to build is dependent on a number of factors. A small, single garage that’s only one storey will cost less than a double garage or a garage that has a room above it, for example. 

We make your specifications a priority when you choose to work with us. The high quality and aesthetically pleasing finish of an oak garage frame from our experts make us an exceptionally cost-effective investment. Use our virtual garage builder at the bottom of the page to get an initial idea of the cost for your build.

Or, read our full guide on specific costs for building garages, including whether or not you need planning permission to build a garage.

Get a Quote on a Bespoke Oak Garage Frame in Hereford

We build single-storey wooden garages, garages with rooms above them, large complexes and more. If you’ve made plans for the garage design you want, get in touch with The Garage Specialist today and we’ll provide you with a stunning handcrafted construction kit. We offer quick delivery to Hereford, so you can get building your garage as soon as possible.