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Exquisite Oak Garages in Hampshire Crafted Bespoke

If you’re looking for a beautiful oak garage that’s completely custom-made, look no further than the professionals at The Garage Specialist. We can craft an oak frame garage kit and deliver it to you within 6-8 weeks of planning drawings being signed off.

A timber-framed garage on your Hampshire property brings a classic countryside aesthetic with all the beauty and charm of quality oak. Store vehicles in style with our myriad of design choices and customisation options. We can craft the perfect timber building for your home. 

Our 30 years of expertise in the construction industry means we’ve built a reputation as one of the leading providers of beautiful bespoke buildings. With sustainably sourced materials and BM TRADA approved manufacturing methods, our timber framed garages are exceptional every time. 

Eliminate the cost of labour with our ready-to-build kits and easy instruction manuals. To start customising your oak garage for your Hampshire home, get in touch with our team today.

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Sizes Available for Your Oak Framed Garage in Hampshire

We have a large range of timber garage designs available to choose from. Whether your Hampshire home is traditional or contemporary, a wooden garage will add a stunning aesthetic to your property that will even increase its value.

You can start with the standard designs below and customise every element, including:

  • Cross sections
  • Length and widths
  • Number of bays
  • Roof end types
  • Doors and windows
  • Log stores
  • Douglas Fir or Green Oak frame material
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One Storey Oak Garages

From compact garages to fit in smaller spaces to garages extended in length, our one-storey oak framed garages are attractive and practical.

Your size options include:

Whether you have a small vehicle to store or a collection of classic vehicles that need that protection, these garages will serve you finely.

Wooden Garage with Room above

Two Storey Oak Garages

When a traditional oak framed building with only one storey isn’t ambitious enough for you, why not add a second floor? Adding a room above your garage is a wonderful way to get an extra space to use how you please: 

  • A home office
  • A garden room
  • A recreation room 
  • A gym
  • A studio or workshop
  • Extra storage

As with the single-storey oak framed structures we make, these garages with a room above can come in single, double and triple bay sizes, and more:

Wooden Complex

Large Oak Complexes

If you want to create a truly ambitious oak framed extension, we can also help with this. Our large garage complexes can fit in multiple bays in an L-shaped formation. Speak to our team to collaboratively design and construct your complex project and get cost and time estimations for free.

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Do I Need Planning Permission For My Wooden Garage in Hampshire?

You’ll need to comply with local building regulations when planning a wooden garage building. There are general rules to abide by, like having your oak framed building being at least one metre away from the boundary of your property. 

If your garage building is open on at least two sides and has a floor area that is not in excess of 30 square metres, you most likely won’t need planning permission. 

You will need to complete a planning application for a two-story oak building or large complex. Our professional team have a wealth of experience in this area and can give you expert advice on planning applications and building regulations – just get in touch to discuss.


Why Our Timber Framed Garages Are the Best in Hampshire

We’ve honed our 5-step quality assurance process to ensure exceptional timber builds every time:

  1. Our dedicated timber graders rigorously inspect each timber at the dedicated site in France where sustainably source from. 
  1. When your timber frame arrives in our UK workshop, our graders check it again before it goes into production.
  1. Our graders then assess the timber frame throughout production, also checking aesthetics and suitability are still met.
  1. The high-tech machinery we use is put through a thorough calibration check before construction and every 30 minutes during construction to ensure precision cutting every time. 
  1. Finally, your timber frame will be put through one more cutting test to ensure our exceptionally high standards are being met and to check all components of your garage frame are present and correct.

The result is a beautifully crafted timber frame that can be seamlessly assembled with ease. This superb quality combined with reduced labour time and costs makes for truly excellent value for money.

Craft Your Custom Oak Garage in Hampshire With the Timber Experts

For an oak framed garage that looks stunning and lasts for years, choose The Garage Specialist. We work efficiently to extremely high standards to create a completely bespoke garage kit that’s easy to assemble and is fantastic value for money.

We can work to unique measurements and your specific budget requirements in a complete service that’s designed around you. To get the ball rolling on an exceptional oak garage frame, contact our team of professionals today.