Superior Quality Oak Garages in Gloucestershire

Our handcrafted, made-to-measure garages use the highest quality oak along with traditional crafting methods to make some of the most beautiful timber-framed garages on the market. We’ll deliver straight to your home in Gloucestershire at a time that suits you. 

We have spent over 30 years lovingly honing our craft and are dedicated to ensuring all of our products bear the Q-Mark: everything we build is independently certified by BM TRADA, the industry provider for global testing, safety and calibration. 

Contact us today for an accurate estimation from our experts on your bespoke oak garage, or read on for information on how ordering through us works and why we’re the best choice.

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The Many Advantages of an Oak Framed Garage

Garages can be built from a range of materials but the classic, quality aesthetic of a traditional oak framed garage adds an authentic kind of beauty to your home that you simply can’t achieve with other materials. Here’s why we think timber framed garages are the best option:

  • Value for money: Garages made from brick, cement or uPVC are more costly to build than oak garages which need fewer materials and a lower workforce to build – this works out costing you less money while quality remains high, meaning the value for money is fantastic.
  • Less disruptive to install: The use of fewer materials means oak garages are quicker and easier to build, so you don’t have disruptive works going on for too long.
  • Durability: Oak garages are exceptionally weather-resistant and hard-wearing.
  • Low maintenance requirements: Due to this strong durability, oak garages cost less money to maintain and upkeep is minimal. 
  • Versatility of purpose: We’ve seen a lot of inspired uses for oak garages over the years, from home offices to studios and workshops or extra living spaces. An oak framed building can really transform your property.

Ordering Your Oak Framed Garage Through Us: How It Works

We build ready-made oak garage kits, delivered to your home, that you then install on your property. We work to your specifications and are committed to following your design with the highest quality work.

The process:

  1. When you have your specifications together, call our professionals on 01424 233920 and we’ll talk through every part of them with you, giving you an estimated cost.
  2. Then, after the full building plans are made by our expert carpenters, we go through each facet of them with you and provide a fully calculated cost.
  3. We get straight to building your frame once you’ve signed it off, ordering in sustainably-sourced timber from a specially selected site in France.  Read the section below to learn how we’re sustainable. 
  4. The oak timbers arrive in our workshop and our highly trained timber graders give them a detailed inspection using the latest technology so they can remove any timbers that have the slightest flaw. Nothing that could potentially affect the structural integrity of your kit is used and any discarded timbers are recycled instead.
  5. Our carpenters handbuild your kit using traditional jointing techniques for a stunning finish. They ensure all of the frame pieces fit together perfectly, so your installation process is as seamless as possible.
  6. Once we’ve finished crafting your bespoke frame to the highest standard, we deliver your garage kit to your property in Gloucestershire where you can get to work installing it. Detailed instruction manuals from our team come as standard.

What Makes Our Oak Framed Garages Superior?

Two key facets of our practices make our oak frames a cut above the rest:

  • Commitment to sustainability: All of our timber is sourced from sustainable forest programmes where two or more trees are planted for every tree felled for construction. We recycle any timber we can’t use in a responsible way, ensuring nothing is wasted.
  • Passionate, expert craftsmanship: Every part of your oak garage kit will go through a fully documented, 5-step quality control process to ensure our exceptionally high standards are met.

Read about our quality assurance process.


We supply a wide range of garage styles all across the UK.

What Does An Oak Framed Garage Cost?

There is no one cost we can give for one of our oak framed garages as every kit we make is completely bespoke. The cost will depend on a number of factors: a small single-storey garage will cost less money than a garage with a room above it, for example.

When you go through us, you’re paying for the highest quality manufacturing process and an oak frame building made entirely to your unique specifications, delivered at your convenience to your Gloucestershire home. 
Use our virtual garage builder at the bottom of the page to get an idea of the cost for your garage kit, or read through our detailed guide to the cost of building a garage, which includes information on planning permission and whether you’ll need it.

Get a Quote on a Bespoke Oak Framed Garage in Gloucestershire

We will provide a beautiful oak frame garage kit whatever your project is, however big or small. We’ll give you easy-to-follow, full assembly instructions and low-cost planning drawings to go along with our unbeatable-quality oak frames. 

If you have plans for the garage design you want, just get in touch with The Garage Specialist today and we’ll provide you with a simple, instant quote. We offer speedy delivery to Gloucestershire, so you can get your stunning oak garage up as soon as possible.