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Rustic Oak Framed Garage Kits in Devon

If you are looking for an oak framed garage in Devon, we can produce a high-quality kit, tailored to your needs. Our bespoke design process means that each garage kit we build is different, helping to give you the perfect garage tailored to your needs. Our oak frame garage kits can also be assembled at home, saving you money and allowing you to construct around your schedule.

The Garage Specialist brings over 30 years of experience to every oak framed garage kit we produce, ensuring a strong, durable, attractive garage for all of our customers. Contact a member of our team today, to get a free quote for your oak framed garage kit in Devon.

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To bring your garage to life, try our virtual garage builder to preview your dream design.

Our Beautiful Oak Framed Garage Kits

We offer a truly bespoke design process on all of our oak garage kits. We can produce a garage with up to four bays, featuring open bays or doors, and can even add a room above. We can tailor your garages’ dimensions to accommodate the needs of both your cars and your property. Whether you need a space to protect your single car in Devon, or a larger garden room to use as a workshop, we can build you an oak framed kit for it. If you want larger bays for specialist cars, a room above to use as a home office space, or a separate single door to one side, all of this can be accommodated.
We offer a custom building tool on our website, which allows you to explore our options for garage customisation. Whatever your needs in an oak frame building, we can build you a high-quality kit for it.

Designed for Easy Assembly

Our oak garage kits prioritise easy assembly, with traditional tongue and groove joints designed to easily slot together. With DIY experience you will be able to build our kits at home, and if you’d rather engage a professional, we can point you towards a local expert. We include detailed instructions with all of our kits and can provide you with planning drawings, if necessary. Our oak framed garages are designed to ensure a quick assembly and a sturdy build.

Ideas for Your Oak Framed Garage

The Benefits of Choosing The Garage Specialist

We believe that we are distinguished from other garage kit manufacturers due to our fantastic service, our sustainable production process, and the exemplary quality of our garages.

  • Sustainable Oak

Each of our oak framed kits is constructed from beautiful green oak, sourced from a designated site in France. For every tree used in our timber frame products, three saplings will be planted. The Garage Specialist is committed to sustainability, ensuring we can make our quality oak products for many years to come.

  • Thorough Wood Grading

Before any wood can be used in our products it must pass our exciting inspection process. Our team of timber graders and carpenters will check all wood carefully, utilising the latest technology to look for even the smallest warps, cracks, or faults. Any wood that does not meet our standards will be sustainably recycled.

  • Precision cut oak frames

We cut our wood with precision accuracy, utilising high-end equipment to ensure our blueprints are exactly adhered to. This exacting commitment to accuracy will ensure both the easy assembly of our kits, and their long-lasting build quality.

  • Q-Mark Certification

The Q-Mark is a certification by BM TRADA that can be found on every kit we produce. To earn a Q-Mark requires rigorous adherence to the standards set by BM TRADA on product quality and sustainability. It is nothing less than an ironclad assurance of the quality of our products and service.

Get in Touch With an Expert

If you are intrigued by the endless possibilities an oak-framed garage can introduce to your Leeds home, get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your design options or for more information.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all potential customers looking to transform their suburban or rural homes with an oak-framed garage.

Planning Permission for Your Oak Framed Garage in Devon

Planning permission can be a concern for our customers in Devon looking to erect an oak framed garage on their property. Our smaller options, such as a single storey, single-bay garage are unlikely to require planning permission. A larger or more complex external oak building may require it, particularly if they have a second storey. There are also other restrictions in place for certain properties, such as those bordering an area of outstanding natural beauty, or for protected buildings.

You should always check with your local planning authority before embarking on any major work around your house. If you do need planning permission for a garage in Devon, our team will be able to assist you in the application process.

The Cost of Our Oak Frame Garage Kits in Devon

Each of our oak framed garages comes with a bespoke price tag, tailored around design complexity and material costs. Our prices are competitive, and fair, with no extra costs for bespoke designs. If you have any worries about the costs of our garage kits, simply request a free no-obligation quote through our website or our custom builder.

Start Work on Your Oak Frame Garage in Devon Today

Our experienced team is ready to start work on your ideal oak garage today. We can begin production as soon as an order has been placed, designing and building around your specifications, and dispatching to Devon as soon as work has been signed off. Once you have your kit, you’ll be able to assemble it around your own schedule.

Get a free quote for an oak framed garage kit in Devon today.