Just imagine finally having exactly the space you need to comfortably park your cars, with room for extra storage and, dare we say it, even enough flooring left over to add in a workshop of your own? Bring this building together with the image of a timeless, classical oak or timber frame, and you will have the perfect picture of a garage made by The Garage Specialist! 

We offer our customers a fine selection of handcrafted garage kits, masterfully made and manufactured in our own workshops from quality green oak and Douglas-fir, and then put together on our customers’ own properties at a time which suits them. By getting in touch with us today and setting out specifications for your very own garage, we can offer you the same as well.

oak garage

Why Choose to Build a Garage with Oak or Douglas-fir?

There are many reasons to choose a wooden garage over one made up of materials like brick, cement or uPVC:

  • They are often cheaper, because they require fewer materials, can be put together by a smaller workforce and will usually take less time to be fully installed
  • They are more likely to remain weather resistant and need less maintenance than other materials
  • They bring a sense of charm to any property, and will seamlessly match most aesthetics
  • Their charm element brings a newfound appeal to your property, which may increase the value if you should ever choose to sell

Why Choose Us for Your Wooden Garage Kit?

As our name suggests, we are specialists in providing customers with beautiful ready-made and bespoke wooden garage kits, ideal for assembly whenever and wherever you want your new build. Our expertise is found throughout our process, and we are more than happy to explain why we are the top choice in greater detail to our customers:

Sustainably Sourced Timber

All of our products are carefully crafted from oak and Douglas-fir timber that we have ordered in specially, from a selected site in France. Each of these trees will be grown as tall, straight and strong as possible in order to minimise waste during the manufacture, and three more saplings will be planted for every tree used. This keeps our work sustainable, so we’ll be able to serve as many customers as possible for a long time to come.

Thoroughly Graded and Checked

When the wood arrives at our workshops, our team of highly trained and experienced carpenters and timber graders will be on hand to inspect it for any signs of weakness, or warps and flaws that might affect its structural integrity. This prevents it from being used in a kit, so we will responsibly recycle these pieces instead.

The Latest Technology

We only ever use the latest technology to help our manufacturing process, from scanning each piece of timber to catch out miniscule cracks or faults that the human eye wouldn’t see, to cutting each part of the frame with precision accuracy. Both help to rule out human error, and help to guarantee that our kits will remain perfectly strong and easy to build.

Primed for Easy Assembly

We use traditional jointing techniques to craft each of our kits, preparing them so that each part of the frame will slot neatly together. This means that, with some DIY and home improvement experience on your part, your garage can easily be installed in a short space of time. To help things along, we will even include an instruction manual for your kit, and planning drawings will always be available upon request.

The Q-Mark Difference

We take pride in supplying the highest quality oak frame garage kits. This commitment to quality is demonstrated by offering our customers Q-Mark products independently certified by BM TRADA, the industry provider for global testing, safety and calibration. The Q-Mark testifies that the methods our frames experience in the manufacturing process meet approved standards – 22 industry standards to be exact. For you – the customer – our Q-Mark frames give you peace of mind and reassurance that the product you’re ordering is approved by one of the leading authorities in timber.

Contact Us for All Your Wooden Garage Kit Needs

When you are in need of the perfect new garage space for your property and you can’t help but imagine it in a classical style, but you also need it to remain durable, The Garage Specialist has the range for you. We can start work on the plans for your read-made or bespoke garage kit as soon as you contact us to place an order, and we’ll get it delivered to you as soon as the work has been signed off.

Explore the selection we have available here and imagine just what our work could look like on your property, and what it could do for your cars or other valuable tools and equipment. We’ll even be glad to deliver to anywhere in the UK or the Channel Islands, so explore our selection and get in touch when you have found the garage for you.